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Columbus Underground

Milestone 229 Voted as Best Brunch of 2016

April 15, 2016

We hope you had a great time celebrating Columbus’ Brunch scene with us during our first ever Best Bites: Brunch event at the Columbus Athenaeum on Thursday night. Thanks to the wonderful local businesses that partnered with us to make Columbus’s largest “brinner” event happen! Thanks to all our guests who participated in the event, we appreciate your support and enjoyed your company!

Brunch items were sampled from The Hills Market Downtown, Due Amici, Milestone 229, Tip Top Kitchen & Cocktails, The Table, Angry Bear Kitchen, Pistacia Vera, Sunny Street Cafe, Forno Kitchen + Bar, C’est si Bon Cafe, Hang Over Easy, Copious, The Guild House, Salt & Pine, Hubbard Grille, Katalina’s, Broke Johnny Food Truck, Taste of Belgium, Little Eater and The Chintz Room.

The votes were tallied and you voted Milestone 229′s Homers French Toast as your favorite of the night!


The top five Brunch Samples were:

Milestone 229 – Homer’s French Toast
Salt & Pine – Black Bean Cake
Forno - Mini Brasato Bite
Katalina’s – Nutella Pancake Balls
Copious - Chicken & Waffles

Thanks to DJ Charles Erickson for providing musical entertainment throughout the night.

An extra special thank you to the CU team that helped make this event happen: Ashley Brannon, Nancy Colvin, Susan Post, Tyler Wiseman, Rebecca Wagner, Anne and Walker Evans. I am so lucky to work with such a wonderful group of people who are not only encouraging but also make my work fun! Thank you to all our volunteers: Diana Gryniuk, Sara Austin, Becca Lane and Patrick Moore who helped make this event shine.

You helped us donate $3,000 to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Ohio, and signed congratulatory letters to seniors who will be graduating high school this year from their programs. The Columbus Underground Best Bites event series have collectively raised over $16,000 for local charities since August 2014.

It was so fun to partner with our friends at Crimson Cup Coffee to host the event and hope they kept you caffeinated. You also enjoyed some tasty cocktails from Karate Cowboy and a sampled fresh squeezed orange juice from Kappus Company.

Thanks for all of your support. We love hosting the Best Bites event series and we hope to see you at one of our events in the future!

The Columbus Dispatch

Milestone 229’s Bold Flavors Hold Attention Amid Striking Downtown Vistas

June 2, 2014

by G. A. Benton

The visually dramatic patio of Milestone 229 offers several eras of Columbus grandeur in one stunning panorama.

Facing west will reveal newer Scioto Mile highlights, including bridge-spanning river vistas anchored by revamped Bicentennial Park and its abstract-sculptural water fountains. Scanning in other directions takes in Columbus classics such as the Rhodes State Office Tower (the tallest building in town), the imposing Cultural Arts Center (built in 1861) and the resplendent LeVeque Tower.


Milestone is quite the looker, too. Swooping elliptical forms in glass and metal lend the restaurant a futuristic appearance. Inside, a cedar-plank ceiling, mahogany butcher-block tables and a showpiece oven clad in copper tiles contribute warm accents to the modernist design.

What tops Milestone’s plates and fills its glasses is appealing, too.

The adequate wine list offers worthy “patio pounders” (Muga rose, $9; Willamette Valley Vineyard riesling, $10).

Eight taps dispense Ohio craft brews ($4 during Milestone’s excellent happy hour).

Milestone’s cocktails ($10, or $5 during happy hour) are refreshing, not cloyingly sweet. Libations range from a sharp-and-citrusy Moscow Mule (with Buckeye vodka and Gosling’s ginger beer) and a spicy margarita (Salty Chihuahua) to a potent rum punch.

When it comes time to eat, you’ll encounter similar versatility and proficiency. What you won’t encounter are wimpy flavors.

Diners who order the “Skillet Mac ‘n Cheese” ($8.25) will receive an appetizer that could easily be an entree. Unlike lesser versions that take the dish’s name literally, this mac is properly made with a rich-and-tangy sauce, not just handfuls of cheese. Bacon lardons make it smoky; diced tomatoes and scallions mitigate the intense richness; and toasted breadcrumbs add crispy contrast. Bonus: It’s delivered in a little iron skillet.

The presentation of “Four Snacks” ($11) isn’t lacking, either. It’s a more restrained, if relatively pricey, starter served on a plate sectioned into quadrants for a pleasing assembly of homemade pickles, zingy pimento cheese, sugared-and-spiced warm cashews and bacon-wrapped dates stuffed with Gorgonzola cheese. The latter tweaks so many pleasure centers that they can turn generous table mates into bogarting hogs.

Smoky bacon — obviously popular here — likewise crops up in the busy Gigi’s broccoli salad ($7). Here, it teams with raisins, walnuts and a creamy, mustard-kicked dressing. These components make consuming tender broccoli florets easy, even for people who view eating healthful vegetables as joyously as facing a tax audit.

There’s no bacon in the enormous and aromatic roasted cauliflower entree ($16), but the vegetable is showcased. A hulking piece of cauliflower (brown-spotted to sweet and nutty), chickpea-punctuated brown-rice pilaf, carrots and herbed slaw are ignited by red and green chilies, Thai basil, lemon grass and a coconut-milk curry. The tangle of flavors isn’t harmonious but makes for a fun, filling and spicy ride to Southeast Asia by way of the vegetarian hotbed of Berkeley, Calif.

A virtual jaunt to bayou country with Milestone’s shrimp and grits ($19) proves even hotter. Cooked using a Louisiana-honed recipe, six meaty shrimp are infused with smoke (andouille sausage) and fire (an incendiary “tomato fondue”) and served on a soothing bed of rich cheddar-cheese grits.

Barbecue gets a Mexican makeover in the mole beef sandwich ($12). A good, perfectly toasted bun is packed with pulled beef; fresh slaw (livened by lime, corn and cilantro); a zesty, earthy and mildly sweet mole sauce; and just enough melted cheese to hold everything together. On the side are crisp, flour-dusted fries.

As I devoured that sandwich “al fresco” during a colorful sunset, I wondered how much of summer I could inhale.

On the picturesque patio, I hoped to capture enough to forge memories so warm they can melt away a few icy wintertime moods.

Milestone 229 is located at 229 Civic Center Drive.

Drink Up Columbus

Kids and Cocktails: Milestone 229

June 2, 2014

by Christie Robb

Wondering where you can relax with an adult beverage and not get side eyed for bringing your baby along? New mom Christie Robb is on a quest to find bars in Columbus with great drinks AND a child-friendly atmosphere. more...

It’s been six months since Husband and I took Baby Girl home from Riverside. By now we really need a drink. Outside. In public. With adults.

We’ve overcome our fear of taking Baby Girl out to family-friendly restaurants. Although our first trip (to Bob Evans) featured us frantically shoving bacon and waffles in our faces tag-team style while the other parent desperately shoved a bottle or pacifier in her mouth at any hint of a whimper.

Our first foray into the world of kids and cocktails took us to Milestone 229 on the Scioto Mile Riverfront Park.

It’s a popular spot and typically wait-time turns me into a shambling bag of neuroses as it cuts down on the valuable minutes available between feeds and naps. But, Milestone is delightfully adjacent to a 15,000 square-foot fountain that dances in a programed display using 1,000 jets and lights. Baby Girl is currently enraptured by our kitchen faucet, so this blew her tiny mind and kept her completely occupied for the duration. I imagine the experience would be like giving an adult several hits of acid and planting them in front of a flat screen showing Fantasia.

Once inside, the fabulous staff won us over with compliments and a sling in which we could position Baby Girl’s carrier at table height giving her a view of her dining companions. And, although at this point Baby Girl’s dining options are limited to milk and pureed things, we were offered a kids’ menu.

The atmosphere was relaxing. Large sweeping windows commanding views of the fountain and surrounding park, warm wood beams, and enough background noise to alleviate an anxiety attack if the little one should happen to let her outside voice loose. Supportive eye contact was made with the other parents there. At the next table over was a fashionable mama with her little lady in a high chair. Scattered about there were a decent amount of bigger kids.

Husband, our adult companions, and I perused the drinks menu. An impressive array of wines by the glass, a decent craft-beer selection, and several cocktail options.

First up was the Sparkling Pear: Grey Goose La Poire, Prosecco, elderflower liqueur and lemon. Light, refreshing, and ideal for sipping on a summer patio. Husband, a dedicated whiskey man, chose the Manhattan Project: cherry-infused Woodford Reserve, Cocchi vermouth, vanilla bean simple syrup, and xocolatl mole bitters. This was a great take on the classic Manhattan—smooth with an appealing complexity of flavors. Possibly dangerous. I went for the Berry in the Rye: Bulleit rye, muddled blackberry, sage, and lime. The sourness of the blackberry mixed with savory sage was intriguing. We finished up with a dessert cocktail, the Fried Ice Cream: Jack Daniels Honey, Fireball Whiskey, and Smirnoff Iced Cake vodka. It smelled, in the best possible way, like a scented candle. The table decided that this was the winner and were still talking about its awesomeness several hours later.

The brunch drinks are great too (Sundays 10-3). Eight Bloody Mary variations, ranging from a lightly spiced version garnished with cucumber and basil to one with a black pepper rim and a beef jerky swizzle stick. For those that prefer fruit juice to vegetable, there are four mimosa options and a Bellini.

Husband and I will definitely be meeting friends at Milestone in the future. We are filing the fountain away, envisioning negotiations with a preschooler in which playing in the fountain is a reward for pleasant mealtime behavior.

Milestone 229 is located at 229 Civic Center Drive.

Columbus Underground

Milestone 229 Reveals New Fall Menu & Executive Chef

December 4, 2013

by Ayana Wilson

Milestone 229 is more than just a destination restaurant. Sure, it sits on the Scioto Mile and offers one of the most breathtaking, and romantic, views in the city, but there’s more to Milestone 229 than just the panorama. It’s a restaurant making almost everything from scratch, and exposing visitors to the best of what Ohio has to offer on a plate. more...

Chef Cody Rutherford is a local boy, hailing from Chillicothe. He started at Milestone 229 back in September 2012, but only took over the reins as Executive Chef little over a month ago. His new menu for the Fall is technique-driven, incorporates the best local produce that can be found, and is designed for Ohio appetites.

Most of the dairy products, maple syrup, meats, apples, Brussels sprouts, and beets are sourced from local farms. The hot sauces they use are made by hometown favorites, CaJohn’s, and even the pasta they cook is from local artisans. Chef Cody is very much inspired by the season as he creates dishes, expecting, as well, to create long-lasting memories on the palate.

Like with the Double Bone Pork Chop, a juicy, apple cider-brined double chop lightly finished with maple bourbon jus, and served atop a not-too-sweet butternut squash purée and perfectly-roasted Brussels sprouts. It’s the kind of dish that long before the final bite, you mentally start calculating when you come back to have it again.

Same with the Sea Scallops, which are light, sweet hunks of buttery mollusk served with an irresistible cauliflower purée. Even the starters are impressive. The Four Snacks – Gorgonzola-stuffed, bacon-wrapped dates, goat cheese mousse with blueberry jam and heavenly little beet chips, house-made pickled cucumbers, and roasted walnuts – display the best of seasonal appetizers. Each component is thoughtful and flavorful, with a slight dollop of whimsy.

Milestone 229 has long been thought of as a Summer restaurant, but they’re working to change that perception by creating a menu that diners want to come in for, regardless of the weather. The dishes are reasonably priced, plentiful on the plate, and utterly satisfying.

Columbus Alive

App Platter at Milestone 229

December 20, 2012

by G. A. Benton

Darkness blossoms early and often during these shortest days of the year, which trough-out on Dec. 21, the winter solstice (aka, for doomsday preppers, the “Mayan apocalypse”). It’s no surprise, then, that cold, sun-deprived humans have always huddled together around manufactured wintertime light. That’s partially why yule logs, ceremonial candles and decorated Christmas trees historically were used to — and still do — brighten-up the holidays. more...

In Columbus, a new snow-season tradition is creating late evening glows along the once all-but-barren area now commonly celebrated as the Scioto Mile. Starting around Thanksgiving with “Grand Illumination” proceedings and continuing through mid-January, about 150 wired-up trees and 200,000 glittering lights defiantly puncture the nighttime gloom. A great place to view this fanciful, candy-colored scene — while warming up with a snack and a drink — is Milestone 229.

There, through a wraparound bank of windows, you can gaze at this electrified riverside profusion of indigo, pink, purple, amber and emerald — and enjoy a festive mood inside too. Underneath Milestone’s oversized but tasteful Christmas tree bulbs — which dangle from tree branch-like rafters radiating from a trunk-like garde manger/pizza oven station — you can light up your palate as well with the many-spots-hitting Four Snacks appetizer platter ($10.50; $6 at happy hour).

Hitting a dynamic range of texture and flavor notes, think of the platter as a little edible Christmas carol in four parts served on a quadruply sectioned plate. You get: A vibrantly red, muscular, chilled homemade giardiniera with big chunks of vinegary and chili-fied vegetables such as cauliflower, celery and carrots paired with slices of pleasantly gamy Spanish chorizo-like peppered salami; seared, pliant and haunting lamb meatballs whose lambiness is alternately intensified and mitigated by salty feta-sprinkled tzatziki sauce; super-indulgent mini-bundles of warm and crispy bacon wrapped around nectarous dates and molten Gorgonzola cheese; and naturally sweet cashews aroused by a blast of fresh black pepper. O come all ye faithful, indeed.

Drink Up Columbus


September 13, 2012

by Cheryl Harrison

There’s something about starting your day with the sound of children’s laughter that puts you in a great mood. Or maybe it’s just when the children don’t belong to you (so you don’t have to take care of them) and also there is a cocktail in your hand. more...

And that’s where I found myself one Sunday morning for drunk brunch at Milestone 229. A dozen or so children and parents playing freely in the fountain along the Scioto Mile, while my husband and I enjoyed the sight from a safe distance, and most importantly enjoyed the pre-noon alcoholic beverages that being childless allows us.

As picturesque days like these are surely coming to an end for the season, it’s good to note that Milestone 229 is just as charming on the inside, with wooden beams shooting out from the central bar like the rays of sunshine shooting in from the floor to ceiling windows.

Milestone’s brunch cocktail menu includes eight types of Bloody Mary’s, with variations in spirit (vodka, gin, whiskey, tequila) and mixers (clam juice, vegetable mix, pimento olives, etc.) My husband accidentally ordered one with Makers Mark, black pepper and… beef jerky. I say “accidentally” because he made an impulse pick when the waitress came to take our order, without actually reading the description. We weren’t big fans, but it wasn’t what either of us would have chosen to expect to enjoy – it’s probably great for those beef jerky drinking folks of the world.

There are also five mimosas/bellinis on the brunch menu, and as I enjoy drinking bubbles as much as the children in the fountain enjoy blowing bubbles, I ordered the Mindy’s Mimosa: pineapple-infused Finlandia and strawberry puree. Delicious.

As I was craving something savory, I initially skipped over French toast when looking down the menu, but then my eye caught my favorite “B” word and I realized the “French toast” was actually a bacon and brioche bread pudding, served with sweet and sour maple syrup, two over-easy eggs and then MORE double-smoked hickory bacon on top. Bacon on bacon on bacon. A really tasty and unexpected twist to what I thought was just a standard dish. Very heavy, though – I couldn’t finish it.

My husband had the biscuits and gravy, which included perfectly cooked pork belly on top of two cheddar biscuits served with sweet caramelized onions, scrambled eggs and a lightly seasoned potato hash with unexpected bites of sweetness from mixed in chunks of sweet potatoes.

Brunch at Milestone 229 is served Sundays from 10am-3pm. Milestone is located at 229 Civic Center Drive.

Drink Up Columbus


June 25, 2012

by Cheryl Harrison

I like being happy as much as the next person, which is why I jumped at the chance to write about Happy Hours 4, 5 and 6 at Milestone 229. Everything there is happy–happy beer, happy martinis and wines, and happy food.

Everything there is happy–happy beer, happy martinis and wines, and happy food. more...

Milestone 229 is the year-old restaurant run by Columbus Brewing Co Restaurant that anchors the Scioto Mile, facing the river, Bicentennial Park and the celebrated fountains that keep Columbus kids entertained all summer long.

We pulled up to the valet parking in front of the restaurant on a scorching summer day, and opened our doors to a cacophony of kids’ screams in the cascading fountains. Although a blast of air conditioning met us when we walked in the door, we opted to sit outside and were quickly informed that to get the happy hour pricing we had to sit at either the restaurant or patio bar top.

The menu offers four beers, five wine and spirit drinks and six dining items during happy hour. One benefit of the 4-6 pm timing of the happy hour is that the sun is blocked almost completely by the awning over those hours (it drops to a blinding level around 7:30 pm), and the breeze blowing off the river gives the patio a resort feel (and wafts of faint chlorine didn’t hurt the ambiance either.)

Although I would have loved to give a taste to the Blueberry Hill or 229 Cosmo, the wine fanatic in me brought a glass of Argentine Trapiche Malbec to the table in a generous pour from our bartender Ryan, while Brian opted for the Columbus Brewing IPA.

I soon followed up with the more refreshing Pinot Grigio Tolloy from Italy, and Brian followed up with the popular Columbus Brewing Summer Teeth, both of which proved refreshing options.

Our “happy” food and drink: (from left) wings, calamari and hummus.

For our dining pleasure, we opted for the 229 Wings, delectably crispy with CaJohn’s chipotle sauce and spicy ranch, complimented by the Judith Pointe Calamari and hummus.

Adorably presented spilling out of a Chinese takeout carton, the mandarin orange-accented calamari was lightly breaded and complimented by jalapeños, with a sweet and spicy dipping sauce. The hummus was creamy and tangy, topped with a smattering of marinated olives and vegetables, with a sidecar of pita bread far more plentiful than required.

Milestone 229 provided a happy time indeed during the hours of 4, 5 and 6 p.m., and a most relaxing oasis amid Columbus’ summer swoon.

Columbus Dispatch

Bloody Mary Gets Face-Lift to Widen Drink's Appeal

March 27, 2012

by Denise Trowbridge

The bloody mary is no longer just a humble glass of vodka and tomato juice accented with a simple stalk of celery. Restaurants across the country and in Columbus have recognized the drink’s potential as a chef’s creation, a customizable masterpiece and a hot draw for a weekend brunch crowd. more...

Restaurants across the country and in Columbus have recognized the drink’s potential as a chef’s creation, a customizable masterpiece and a hot draw for a weekend brunch crowd.

The bloody mary “is more than just a drink. It’s kind of like a snack,” said Chris Hull, general manager of Due Amici. “The drink is the meal. People love them.”

There are several notable bloody marys around town...

...Then, there’s Milestone 229, which rolls out a menu of eight bloody mary combinations for Saturday and Sunday brunch.

There’s the Clamata, a mix of house-made bloody mary mix, vodka, clam juice and lemon with an Old Bay spice-coated rim and a poached shrimp garnish; the Kentucky Cowboy, made with Maker’s Mark bourbon, with a black-pepper rim and beef-jerky garnish; and the Maria Zarazua, with jalapeno-infused Corzo tequila and chipotle-pepper puree, garnished with a pickled jalapeno.

There is also a vegan option.

The motivation to offer such a wide array of options was simple: “It’s fun,” said Milestone co-owner Doug Griggs. “In addition to all the things you have to do right in a restaurant, it’s cool when people look at the menu and it makes them smile.”

The trend toward more-elaborate cocktails began a few years back, Griggs said, when drinks with fresh mixers and muddled ingredients such as mint and berries became popular. This is a logical next step, as people focus more on ingredients from local farms — something bloody marys, which feature a lot of vegetables, are excellent at showcasing — and interesting flavor combinations.

“This is more exciting than just the typical (restaurant) offering, which is one or two bloody marys, usually one spicy and one not,” he said. “People can be adventurous and try something new."

It’s also a way to “differentiate yourself” as a brunch spot, Griggs said, and a way to lure customers into ordering a drink even if they weren’t really planning to.

“People are more inclined to try them if you feature them on their own menu, like we do, and give the drinks some attention.”

The bloody mary is even benefiting from a trend toward nutrition-consciousness, thanks to the veneer of healthfulness provided by tomato juice mixers and vegetable garnishes.

“Tomato juice is high in vitamin C, and all the sodium helps a hangover. Vodka is low in calories at about 60 calories a shot, and spicy horseradish is good for spring sinuses,” said Elizabeth Lessner, co-owner of the Columbus Food League, which includes the Tip Top, Betty’s Fine Food & Spirits, Surly Girl and the Jury Room restaurants.

The Tip Top sells the Cowbell, which is made with spicy bloody mary mix and Pabst Blue Ribbon beer and garnished with an olive.

Another bonus: “Bloody marys can be made gluten free, vegan or vegetarian,” she said.

Fancier, more ornate and more gourmet cocktails overall are getting a boost. Culinary cocktails infused with savory flavors, fresh ingredients and herbs were No. 20 on the list of hottest trends overall in the restaurant industry in 2012, and No. 3 on the list of top alcohol trends, according to a national survey of chefs conducted by the National Restaurant Association.

Columbus Underground

Columbus Underground Names Milestone 229 Best New Restaurant of Year in 2012

December 29, 2011

From over 50 new restaurants opening in 2011, Milestone 229 is named Best New Restaurant of 2011 by Columbus Underground.

The location within Bicentennial Park along the beautifully renovated Scioto Mile, the amazing food from Executive Chef Christian Hattemer, and the front-row patio seating that is perfect for sipping summer cocktails while watching the new fountain displays dance contributed to the Best New Restaurant title.

Columbus Underground

Best New Restaurant of 2011: Milestone 229

December, 2011

"...In the end there can be only one, as they say, and this year’s title of Best New Restaurant is going to Milestone 229. more...

Located within Bicentennial Park along the beautifully renovated Scioto Mile, Milestone features amazing food from Executive Chef Christian Hattemer and front-row patio seating that is perfect for sipping summer cocktails while watching the new fountain displays dance."

Columbus Monthly

October, 2011

"... casual, but serious menu has something to please most everyone."

(614) Magazine

August, 2011

"The best seat to experience the new Scioto Mile isn't on the grass - it's on the patio of Milestone 229. The restaurant, clearly an important centerpiece in the new park, has been specially designed to create the premier outdoor dining space available in the city."

Business First

Designer Named for Scioto Mile eatery

July  5, 2011

by Dan Eaton

The restaurant at the Scioto Mile remains nameless, but it does have a design and construction team.

Columbus Brewing Co. was approved by Columbus City Council in December to run the 2,400-square-foot space. Joining them in the effort will be Columbus-based Design Collective Inc., which will be doing the design work and Shaffer Construction handling construction. more...

“This is a once in a decade opportunity, a site so unique that it calls for a restaurant unlike anything else in our community,” Robert Valentine, Design Collective principal, said in a release from the firm Wednesday.

Among the interesting attributes of the site noted by the design group are the riverfront location, the park fountain, the new band shell and the downtown views.

The space, which also will have a 2,000-square-foot covered patio, is scheduled to open in July.

The city of Columbus and the Columbus Downtown Development Corporation began the search for a restaurant operator for the space in May. The Columbus Brewing team has not yet responded to requests to comment.

“We envision the café along the Scioto Mile to be a bustling gathering place — a place where families, downtown employees and residents from all over will come to enjoy the park,” Guy Worley, development corporation CEO, said in the release. “Having a vibrant restaurant is critical to the overall success of the Scioto Mile.”

Among the design elements planned by Design Collective are a wood fire oven for pizzas and other dishes, a kitchen that will focus on made-from-scratch dishes, communal tables and multiple fireplaces.

The Scioto Mile project will be the latest work in the firm’s restaurant design portfolio which also includes the new Hubbard Grill, M, Eleven and Hyde Park Prime Steakhouse on the Cap at Union Square, Level, Sushi Rock and Columbus Brewing Co.

Columbus Dispatch

Columbus Brewing to Run Scioto Mile Park Restaurant

December 5, 2010

by Marla Matzer Rose

Operator will offer midpriced meals at Bicentennial space.

A popular Downtown restaurant operator will open a new concept in the glass-walled restaurant being built as part of the $43.9million Scioto Mile park planned to open next year.

Construction of Milestone 229
The glass-walled restaurant will have 2,100 square feet of indoor dining space and a 2,000-square-foot patio. more...

The owners of the Columbus Brewing Co. restaurant have agreed to open the venture in July, concurrent with the opening of the Scioto Mile.

The restaurant, which will have 2,100 square feet of indoor dining space and a 2,000-square-foot patio, will be a key element of the Bicentennial Park area just north of Town Street. The park also will have a band shell and an elaborate fountain.

Doug Griggs, co-owner with Mike Campbell of the restaurant company, said he expects the new restaurant, which hasn’t been named, will offer a menu similar to Columbus Brewing’s. He called the approach “comfort food with a chef’s touch,” with an eye on a moderate price point that can appeal to Downtown workers on weekdays, families on weekends and young professionals in the evenings.

He said he expects the prices to be close to those at his current restaurant, which has an average check of about $12 for lunch and in the mid-$20 range for dinner. The restaurant will have a full bar.

The Columbus Downtown Development Corp./Capitol South is developing the park and restaurant for the city. Upon completion, it will become part of the Columbus Recreation and Parks Department.

Guy Worley, chief executive of Columbus Downtown Development, said it was important to find a restaurant operator that had experience in a “nontraditional venue” and could provide “quality food at prices people could afford.”

Worley said his group found in studying other urban parks that “a key element is having someplace to eat. We think this will have one of the most magnificent views and settings in all Downtown, along the river and next to the one-of-a-kind fountain.”

Columbus parks chief Alan McKnight said the restaurant is a key element in helping ensure vitality in the park.

“We’re very interested in seeing the Scioto Mile heavily used,” he said. “This will complement the programming in the park, and we think will add to the draw for Downtown workers, residents and visitors from outside the Downtown area.”

The agreement is up for approval by Columbus City Council on Monday. The lease agreement would be for three years, with an option to renew.

The lease amount would be based on a percentage of gross revenue from the restaurant, which is expected to be open daily year-round for lunch and dinner.



Located on The Scioto Mile

Reservation - 614-427-0276

Reservations are recommended.


Sunday: 10 AM - 3 PM, 4 - 9 PM
Monday - Thursday: 11 AM - 10 PM
Friday - Saturday: 11 AM- 11 PM





Milestone 229
229 Civic Center Drive
Columbus, OH 43215

sister restaurant

Sister Restaurant is CBC Restaurant

Valet Parking

Complimentary Valet Parking at Lunch, M-F, 11 AM - 1 PM


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